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  The Great Teacher of gods and humans, with your great compassion and wisdom you showed happiness to many.  Your great timeless teachings attest to this fact.  Even now it brings happiness to many.  You indeed are not a false god.  Although you never claimed to be a god and never claimed to be a messenger of God or gods, you have surpassed that divinity.  The gods that have worshipped you at your feet attest to that fact even today.  Many gods and humans venerate you with gratitude for the great gift of liberation you have given them.

You never attempted to create kingdoms.  You have renounced a universal kingdom out of compassion towards us.  Your compassion and wisdom surpass all the kingdoms in the world. Great kings venerated you at your feet and offered kingdoms to you.  However, you are the noblest King because you cared for all the suffering beings in the universe and you never harmed (nor killed) even a single creature.

In the world today where some religions have become number and power games your teachings of compassion and wisdom have become valuable.  You traveled many miles sometimes just to show happiness to a single worthy person. You never attempted to convert people and to count them, instead your attempt was to bring real and everlasting happiness to them.

The Great Teacher of gods and humans ! your message is timeless.  With your victorious and valuable effort you even helped the beings that would benefit the world in future.  Your great teachings have sustained the calamities and survived thousands of years.  It will provide happiness to the world many more years to come.  Then in the future after countless number of years Maitri Buddha will definitely show the way to happiness to gods and humans again and will remind your greatness.

Destruction of your statues do not bring about annihilation of your teachings because it is based on truth. You have shown dignity to human beings.  Above all you have shown the true nature of things.  From the stories I hear, it looks like even now your statues are teaching this reality more than ever.  You have taught us that not just flowers, glasses, and stones, but also the world systems get destroyed naturally