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  Wat ta ton mai Changmai  

The temple grounds, consisting of over 200 rai of land in the Mae Ai district of Chiangmai Province, Thailand is well known not only for it's large, beautiful Buddha statues but so as an educational institution for young men and women in the district. Courses in computer science, philosophy, Bali (the language of Buddha's teachings) and English have been taught. Meditation is now taught in English, as well.




Wat Thaton is an excellent location for study and meditation because of it's quiet tree covered grounds and flower gardens. There are many paths and nature trails to enjoy the peace and quiet not found in city parks. Snacks and cold beverages are available at the temple office to take along with you to witness a colorful sunrise or sunset. Tours by vehicle are available in English for those wanting to know more about Wat Thaton.

Donations are accepted for the tours.

Wat Thaton consists of four sections. The first or lower section contains the offices, classrooms, and eating facilities. The one story red roof building contains many Buddha relics dating back more than 1000 years. The steps on the west end lead to the worship hall.

The second section features a happy Chinese Monk, waterfalls, a man made cave, and the large white Buddha.

On the third section is the large gold Buddha being protected by a 7 headed snake and underneath is the home of the abbot of Wat Thaton and president of all monks in Mae Ai district.

The fourth section contains 37 cottages for meditation where the monks and teachers live and in the center is the meditation hall.

Above this section is tree covered and home for many birds and small animals with paths and nature trails to enjoy.


Mae Ai
Chiang Mai 50280
Tel: (053) 459309